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For Onda For Onda V975m battery For Onda V975S Quad battery 12000MA battery Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Package Yes
Brand Name yorwats
Type Standard Battery
Model Number battery
Rechargeable Yes
Use Other
Condition 100% New
Quantity 1PCS
Place of Origin China
Protection PCB
Type Li-polymer
Set Type Batteries Only
Replacement Battery Yes
Size Prismatic
Service Shop Warranty
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Tips: Hi,friend,please note,If mind do not buy,hope you can understand,Thanks!
1. Before you buy please confirm your machine whether to support this batteryBattery model is sizeas long as suitable size can.
2. Batteries Voltage 3.7V-4.2V are normalBattery Size and Capacity has error rangeBut we can find a suitable one for you.
3. Most types of batteries have not sprayed Battery ModelVoltageCapacityetc., NO Retail BoxPacked Safely in Bubble Bag.
4. The images shown are not the actual item and are for your reference only.
5. If this item with a plug please remember to tell us what kind of plug you wantotherwise we will send the item without connector to you.
1. 100% brand new.
2. High quality and high capacity.
3. Built-in protection circuit PCM for prevent over charging or over discharging.
4. Package include:1 x PCS lithium polymer Rechargeable battery.
1. The battery is provided with a protective plate, which has the functions of preventing over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit, etc..
2. This product is mainly applicable to MP3 MP4 MP5 Navigator GPS PSP Bluetooth Toys DVR Speaker Microphone Recorder Mobile Phone Emergency Power Supply Tablet PC Cell Phone PDA CAMERA Power Bank DVD EVD Smart Watches E-books Notebook Helicopter Electronic Cigarette Flat Headset Digital LED and other electronic devices.


Battery factory direct sale, more accessories tools battery Report Download: HTtp://

Model: For Onda V975M battery capacity: 12000MAH rated voltage: 3.7V, charging voltage: 4.2V 59 yuan

8000MA 46 yuan.

Note: This is a new battery, not welded, suitable for a variety of mobile phone batteries, learning machine batteries, e-book batteries

Generally, the life of the built-in battery is about 300 times of charging and discharging, and it will be aging, but the battery's own protective plate is good.

Users with DIY hands-on capabilities can change their batteries by hand, uncovering the adhesive tape in front of the primary battery, which contains a long strip circuit board.

This is the protective plate, the battery output line is generally welded on the protective plate P + P - and the positive and negative poles of the battery are welded on the protective plate B + B -.

Use the iron to solder the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, and then solder the new electrodes to the normal negative electrode for OK.

This requires a certain amount of DIY hands-on capability, and requires some tools. Please evaluate your hands-on ability before buying.

Our products are sold at a factory price, with little profit, and most of our customers are DIY.

There are many reasons for the failure of the machine itself, not necessarily all battery reasons, so please ask the user <

Friends in the purchase of products, purchase 0.5 yuan refund insurance to reduce the loss of freight when returning.

The batteries sold in our store are all new batteries produced by the battery cooperation factories of the major brands of MP3 factories. Because of the large size of batteries, polymer batteries

Apart from the size and capacity are different, the appearance is the same, so do not take photos one by one, please rest assured that the purchase, received goods loaded and tested before paying, we are responsible for bad returns.

If you don't know how to replace the battery, we can provide the corresponding disassembly articles and pictures, and can choose to buy our disassembly tools and welding tools.

MP3 and MP5 tablet disassembly tools 6 piece sets only need 9.9 em_detail. HTM? Item_num_id=7643435092

Tip tweezers + dismantling slice + dismantling rod + cleaning brush + flat screwdriver + cross screwdriver, mobile phone dismantling users can add 5 yuan to purchase our mobile phone dismantling machine 6 angle screwdriver

If you want to do it yourself, you can buy our hand-held ferrochrome for only 26 yuan. It can also be used for other electronic digital maintenance in the & item_id=f6393537281c3f6bb90cf9adb7afc574

For every friend who buys ferrochrome to prepare his own welding, we will also give you one meter tin solder and a box of rosin.

Brand MP3 / mobile phone / GPS high-energy polymer battery battery battery, provide OEM, OED, welcome to cooperate with supporting factoriesMP3 lithium batteries are divided into aluminium-shell lithium batteries and polymer lithium batteries with a capacity of 40MAH-300MAH and a voltage of 3.7v.
MP4 lithium battery is divided into aluminum shell lithium battery, polymer lithium battery and capacity 100MAH - 1000MAH. Voltage; 3.7V
The Bluetooth earphone battery is divided into polymer lithium battery, capacity 40 3.7V, and voltage.
The wireless mouse battery is divided into polymer lithium battery; capacity 40MAH- 150MAH. voltage; 3.7
The GPS battery is divided into aluminum shell lithium battery, polymer lithium battery, 500MAH 3500MAH, voltage, 3.7V.
Mobile phone batteries: injection molding, frame, fillet, room angle, aluminum shell, polymer. Capacity 500MAH-3000MAH.
Game player, digital battery, aluminum shell, polymer. Removable and lead connection. Rubber shell and so on. Capacity 500 ma - 300 000 ma.
For more polymer battery core performance parameters, amp; amp; nbsp;
Maintenance firmware twenty thousand maintenance firmware and maintenance drawings free download)

Battery introduction:

I. life of MP3 lithium battery

Like mobile phone lithium batteries, MP3 built-in lithium batteries generally have a life of about 300-500 times deep charge (GB), that is, after about one or two years of use, the playback time will be significantly shortened, and some can not even be turned on at all, when you have to replace new batteries to use. Almost all of the miscellaneous machines do not need after-sales service. In order to reduce the cost, they use B-type batteries (faulty products, inferior products, grade products in factories) when they are installed. After three months of general use, the performance of the batteries may plummet and the life of the batteries will be shorter.

Two, MP3 lithium battery playing time

Play time is related to the capacity of the battery and the power consumption of the machine. Generally, the larger the screen, the more power consumption, the larger the battery. The lithium battery capacity of MP3 with 1.2-inch screen is usually 150-300 mAh, playing time is about 8 hours after charging, the lithium battery capacity of MP3 with 1.5-1.8-inch screen is generally 300-1000 mAh, and the battery capacity of MP4 with 2.5-inch screen is about 1800 mAh. Product B batteries (faulty, defective, grade) generally have a capacity of about 20% lower than that of product A and a shorter playback time.

Three, how to tell my machine is a battery problem? <

If your MP3 Bluetooth device has the following phenomenon, the battery must be replaced.

1. It has been used for more than one year, and the playing (standby) time is obviously shortened (about 3 hours), indicating that the battery capacity is reduced and the service life is up.

2. Can not turn on, or power down: the battery short-circuit or poor quality of the internal bloating or internal resistance become larger, the battery failure.

3, the broadcasting effect is worse: the internal resistance of the battery increases and the output voltage is too low.

It can not be played at all: Battery ring or protection circuit ring, battery failure.

Note: MP3 if the beginning is normal, and later found fault, then more than 90% of the reasons for the battery, because other electronic components are less likely to ring, and the battery is consumable, uneven quality, and equipped with chargers are generally high output voltage, not lithium-specific limited voltage (4.2V) function, complete Battery line protection, easy to damage. A valuable MP3 because of small battery reasons can not be used is very uncomfortable <

Four. How do you know the battery type of the machine?

1. Turn on the machine: to boldly turn on the machine, MP3 internal is actually very simple, do not worry about damage to the machine. Check the machine carefully, see if there are screws, there is a small screwdriver can be opened, there is no general shell is glued or there is a buckle on the knife, with a knife along the sewing a week can be opened or warped open, careful point, the shell will not be damaged in general, pay attention to buttons.

2. After opening, you will see the battery, if the battery is silver, it is polymer lithium battery, the outside is aluminum plastic film packaging, if other colors are steel or aluminum shell lithium battery, the outer skin is PVC plastic sleeve, blue more, also black.

3. Look at the battery model: Generally, the battery is sprayed with a model (in fact, it is the size of the battery). Record the words above. If you do not use a ruler to measure the length and width, record them.

Five, how to buy the battery you need?

First of all, take apart the machine to see the battery (I will take apart from myself, will not find maintenance technicians to take apart), most of the batteries are marked with models, in fact, the model is the battery high (thick), wide, long, a model in the shop table below the model, if not, can contact our shop to match. If you still can't match it, you can use a similar model, that is, a smaller one, for example, your 552030, not in the table, can use 052030, but the height (thickness) is less than 0.5, with a piece of 0.5 thick paper put on it to install, in order to prevent the machine from shaking, such as the machine has space, otherwise you can find similar large. A little. If the battery does not have a model, or can not see, is also simple, with a ruler to measure out the length, width, height, and then from the table, according to the above method to find similar, capacity size do not consider, can match on the line. It's better to keep it small, because once it's too big to be loaded, the shipping cost is more expensive than the battery itself. Another thing is that a few lithium batteries are not used, the voltage is not 3.7 (3.6) V, it may be 1.2V or 2.4V, and the shopkeeper must be consulted.

Six. Replace batteries.

The red line is the positive electrode, the black line is the negative electrode. Weld the original battery, some motherboards are not marked with "+ -" electrode, it is better to make a mark before welding down. The new battery can be welded to the original position of the positive and negative electrode. If you can't do it without ferrochrome, you can get help from your master in the place where there is electric soldering iron outside. /p>

If you want to do it yourself, you can buy our hand-held ferrochrome for only 25 yuan. It can also be used as a spare for future electronic digital maintenance. See for more details.

For every friend who buys ferrochrome to prepare his own welding, we will also give you one meter tin solder and a box of rosin./p>.

Shenzhen Bong Xin Electronics Co., Ltd. sells directly.aodal.comIf you want to purchase MP3, mobile phone firmware or repair products, this service is soft service, and can not be confirmed afterwards. If you want to avoid mistakes, please do the service after payment. Alipay also needs to confirm payment first.

All the goods in this store are delivered by express only. The bulk goods can be consulted and shipped. The city freight can be charged by us. The other freight should be charged by the buyer. are shipping information and express enquiry list. Please pay attention to website.

Insurance price Description:The package suggests that the insured price should be insured. The seller is not responsible for the loss or damage of the goods that are not insured.

Buyer: please confirm receipt of the parcel after confirmation. After receipt, it was found that a few pieces and all other quality problems were invalid.

1. Our store does not accept any appraisal or poor appraisal, and the customers who make the appraisal rationally without communication and make the appraisal or bad appraisal directly are deemed to give up the right of after-sales automatically. We do not accept any refund of freight charges on the way to pay, pay will refuse to sign directly back, please pay attention to the buyers. If you encounter problems, please communicate with the customer service in time. Don't solve them by your own way. Communication makes everything simple.
2. When returning goods, be sure to write down the contact information of the recipient and the sender (telephone, mobile phone, Wangwang, QQ, etc.) on the list and on a piece of paper (inside the package) so as to facilitate inquiries.
3. if goods are defective or wrong, they will be borne by us, but the buyer has the obligation to pay the freight back in advance (the standard flat mail is not more than 8 yuan, the express delivery or fast package is not more than 15 yuan, the delivery order and the local standard are the standard, and the extra part of the shop does not pay extra). We will pass the Alipay. The time of arrival will return the freight you paid in advance.

4. In order to prevent some buyers from returning non-commodity quality problems such as dislike or dissatisfaction, we generally do not provide returns services, to return the goods should also be discussed before the line, returns are all charged 10-15% of the fee.
5. small gifts are not guaranteed within the scope of the warranty.
6. DIY


1. Please make payment asap, then we can arrange shipment for you asap.
2. The shipping cost does not include any import taxes, and buyers are responsible for customs duties.
1. The items will be shipped by Register Air Mail to you as soon as possible.
2. Battery will all test before successful send logistics.
3. Please make sure that your address is correct and detailedAnd please offer us your phone number and zipe code to ensure the post office can reach you.
4. If you have not received your shipment within 60 days(Russian 70 days, Brazil 90 days) from payment, please contact usWe will track the shipment and get back to you as soon as possible with a reply.
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